PH. Training 

PH DOT magazine offers Digital Photography Training course in which students learn how digital camera works, the fundamentals of digital photography, framing, post-production process and photo sharing. Besides the theoretical aspects of digital photography,  students have practical photography exercises and at the end of the course they conduct a digital photography project. Visit the students’ contributions to have notion completing the course how they have improved in digital photography  [+] 

After finishing the training course, students are encouraged to join PH DOT magazine, take their photos and share them in PH DOT.

To have more information about  PH. Training course:

  • Check the PH.Training homepage [+]
  • Check course materials to have notion about the course syllabus and materials [+]
  • Visit students’ page where they have shared they own feeling and experiences [+]
  • Or directly be in contact with the course trainer – Hossein Madani– and find more information.
The contact detail:
  • phone no. +91 8095683728
  • email address:

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